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API Platform for Banking Integrations

Open banking APIs to launch your products 10X faster

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What is Decentro?

Almost every company that has to integrate with legacy banking institutions faces several challenges when it comes to their product cycle. Not only are their APIs and documentations old and incomplete, but they are also riddled with multiple errors and loopholes.

On top of that, the lack of a single point of contact from these organisations, makes the long integration cycles of 5-6 months feel like a temple run between different departments. And since those services keep breaking and changing over time, you can imagine the nightmare of coordination between the tech and business teams.

We are a full-stack API banking platform where you can select your desired modules, integrate in the sandbox, and launch your product with just a few lines of code in a couple of weeks! Not only that, but we also take care of all fixes, iterations, and updates without breaking any flow.

It's that easy, as it should be. Welcome to the future.
Decentro core banking module. API platform for banking integrations

Modular Products

Available in the form of simple, automated, and plug-n-play APIs

KYC & Onboarding

Enable your consumers and partners to authenticate & register themselves seamlessly via any method.


Interact with our banking APIs to enable account aggregation, linking, creation, management and more.

AML & Compliance

Prevent fraud before it strikes your platform, with sanction lists and a real time monitoring engine.


Integrate with a single solution and build your own capabilities for loan assessment, processing, and recovery.


Leverage & offer a variety of co-branded cards via our partner banks for your consumers and businesses.


Connect to our unique integrated suite plugging into multiple payment channels and systems in the back-end.

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Imagine the possibilities in fintech if we remove >90% of the friction in the flow of money and financial data!

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Simply create an account using your business email ID with a seamless verification process and select your desired financial modules.

Integrate in sandbox

Explore our detailed documentation as well as integrate with your friendly sandbox for all your selected modules, right on day one.

Go live!

Whenever you are ready with the integrations and want to launch in production, just give us the green signal from your dashboard itself.

What will you build with us?

We open up magical APIs so that you can focus on your core product and business

Neo Banks

We remove the complexity of underlying integrations so that you can create the ideal version of your digital bank with all the desired services.

Lending Businesses

Automate loan assessment, disbursal, management and repayment workflows using our modules across banking, payments, and data aggregation.

Consumer Payments

Enable transfers and settlements between consumer accounts on an actual or virtual basis, be it within the same institution or inter-bank or inter-wallet.

Commercial Payments

Allow your partners or SMEs to distribute money to their vendors, service providers, agents and customers in an automated fashion with just one integration.

Gig Economy

Offer instant or scheduled payouts to your gig workforce via any channel to optimise their cash or credit lifecycle for maximum satisfaction.

Finance Management

Facilitate smart and intuitive solutions to make finance management for your consumers or businesses, a truly personalised and enriching experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have built a platform, rather than a marketplace. That means that we don’t simply pass you on to our underlying financial institution (banks and more) in the form of a lead, but rather we help you integrate with our automated and plug-and-play modules via APIs & SDKs. These modules in turn are connected with the legacy financial world in an intricate manner to get you the desired results without any long and painful integrations.
A key reason for the challenge of direct financial integrations is the availability of the right banking APIs as well as doing quick & seamless integrations, since the legacy infrastructure and API documentations are both typically broken.

We act as a very intuitive and simple plug-and-play platform (with readily available underlying banking services) where the time of your integrations and go-live gets cut down by 10X (from ~ 5 months to ~2 weeks). And we bring down the business complexity down from 10s of departments and providers, to just one single POC for integration.

By being a platform and leveraging economies of scale, we are able to reduce up to 80% of capital as well as operational expenses for all your integrations. Not only that, we automatically take care of all future updates & iterations of the existing financial processes to ensure they are reflected in our platform without additional effort for your team.

This also involves helping you with the full handholding, automated on-boarding approvals as well as lightning fast support in terms of any integration queries (which we promise will be extremely less, given the intuitive and simple nature of the platform).
One of the key aspects of our platform is the end to end encryption to ensure that at any point, we don’t have an unauthenticated view of end consumer’s (individuals) sensitive data over the network itself. We will only keep access to that data which we need for increasing the value for our customers (for example - transaction patterns) and highly sensitive data which needs licenses shall not be stored at our end (for example - card numbers).

Our product acts as a channel with the onus of accurate data inflow coming from the underlying sources such as the banks, government, and more. Plus our compliance team (along with bank and third party audits before launching) helps iron out any misses during the launch of any new product.






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