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Verify users via Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-kyc

Identify and onboard users with data fetched from UIDAI, without requesting document upload

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Faster Go-to-Market

Go live within hours via simple plug-and-play APIs or SDKs and worry less about integration.


Reduced Drop-offs

Lower customer drop-offs by cutting down the verification process to a single Aadhaar-based OTP verification.


Quick Onboarding

Extract data from users’ Aadhaar XML files automatically in an accelerated onboarding process.


Scale Quickly

Focus on growing your core business while our team works to maintain your integrations.


Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Cut down on your expenditure cost towards onboarding a customer significantly.


Improved Compliance

Drive compliance w.r.t KYC master directions by regulators via Aadhaar offline KYC

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Seamless User Authentication

Search and easily download KYC records and access them after authentication

Reduced Time for Verification

Reduce turnaround time on KYC by avoiding the need to conduct various KYC checks by centralising the process

Single Point Verification

Access KYC records via a single KIN (KYC Identification Number) issued by CERSAI to users who have completed their CKYC formalities

Multi-factor Verification

Download CKYC and let Decentro scan and extract the data from documents to check the veracity of documents

Fraud Protection

Verify users/merchants towards the first level of user onboarding, helping prevent fraud

CKYC Upload

Help users update their government documents in the CKYC repository through a simple dashboard

Powerful list of

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Use Cases


Investment platforms

Verify user identity before customers access your platform, with their necessary background information.


Insurance providers

Verify customers before onboarding through KYC verification guidelines laid by IRDAI and SEBI.


Trading &

Confirm end users’ details and understand potential customers’ activities while verifying their legality.

Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.