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AML & Compliance

Prevent fraud before it strikes your platform and tackle it with our automated risk engines.
  • Identify risks to your business in real-time
  • Automated compliance with AML/CFT regulations
  • Integrated all in one platform with sanction lists
  • Plug & play modular APIs to integrate
  • Customizable to suit your business flow
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Key Features

Available in the form of simple, automated, plug-and-play APIs

Sanction Lists

Global government and public databases of sanction lists with a number of restrictions placed in different industries and activities.

Individual Personnel

Scan a person using their full name and date of birth across our exhaustive sanction lists & database of politically exposed people.

Companies & Organizations

Scan a corporate or any entity across our full coverage lists to identify the ones with high financial risk or potentially fraudulent.

Updated Database

We ensure that our sources are highly reputable and consistently updated at least once daily to bring you the latest data points.

Automated Screening

Save time by doing away with all manual efforts and simply schedule any number of scans and validations using our sustomisable APIs.

Integrated Solution

One uniform product with platform-agnostic APIs and full dashboard access with a consolidated view of your credentials and scan history






Exposed Profiles