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Carry Out Secure Transactions via InstaEscrow

Manage All Your Escrow Needs In One Place

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Manage All Your Escrow Needs In One Place

Simplify and automate escrow processes securely and effortlessly


Seamless Payouts

Collect funds from businesses or individuals in the Escrow Account and automate fund transfers.


Lower Operational

Reduce manual efforts and costs by deploying pre-approved money flow.


Highly Secure
& Compliant

Enhance safety and stay compliant by integrating with our stack.

Banking Partners

Trusteeship Services (SEBI Backed)

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Open and Issue Digital Escrow Accounts

Set up digital escrow accounts (with account numbers) for your customers & vendors via Restful APIs in seconds

Deposit Money Seamlessly

Share the account details with your customer, vendor or partner to deposit money digitally

Make Direct Payouts via APIs

Automate money transfers to bank accounts using common payment methods such as UPI, IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS across India

Reconcile Transactions Automatically

Disburse & reconcile payouts to your partners or vendors automatically using our payment APIs. Maintain your own ledgers as needed

Secure Escrow Verification

Ensure secure transactions via PAN and bank account checks of all escrow parties to prevent financial fraud and ensure compliance

Real-time Updates

Get payment reports, insights, and notifications directly on your dashboard instantly

Powerful list of

Plug-and-Play Escrow tailor-made for your business

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Use Cases



Leverage Escrow capabilities with the merchant/vendor to reduce fraud during fund transfer.



Optimise cash flow via a secure and transparent mechanism for holding the invoices with funds released once the invoice is paid.



Manage rental services, ensuring that payments are made as agreed, and services are provided accordingly.



Hold and Release Funds according to the loan terms and streamline the lending process.



Strike a balance between asset ownership, transfer and fund release in a secure and compliant manner.



Leverage the capabilities of escrow services for a secure and transparent mechanism for fund disbursement.



Ensure salaries are disbursed accurately and on time while reducing the administrative burden on employers.



Facilitate secure cross-border transactions by holding funds until both parties fulfil their obligations.

Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Escrow Account?

A Digital Escrow Account is a secure online platform that holds funds, assets, or documents for parties involved in a transaction. It acts as a trusted intermediary, ensuring that both parties fulfil their obligations before the funds or assets are released

What Are the Benefits of Using Digital Escrow Accounts?

Digital Escrow Accounts offer several benefits, including:

Security: Funds/assets are held securely, reducing the risk of fraud or non-performance.q

Trust: Parties can confidently transact, knowing that the escrow agent ensures fairness.

Dispute Resolution: Escrow agents can help resolve disputes by impartially evaluating whether conditions have been met.

Efficiency: Transactions can be completed more efficiently and with less risk.

Cross-Border Transactions: Facilitates international transactions by providing a trusted mechanism.

What are the prerequisite documents required to get started with Escrow?

To open an Escrow account, you need the following documents after your use case is validated:

Escrow agreement

PAN & Bank account - KYC verification

Company details

Is there a limit to the amount I can put into escrow?

As of now, there is no limit on the amount.

How Secure Are Digital Escrow Accounts?

We at Decentro prioritise security. We employ encryption, multi-factor authentication, and stringent identity verification procedures to protect users' funds and data. Compliance with industry regulations also contributes to security.