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KYC Verification APIs for Faster User Onboarding

Digitally onboard users by conducting instant background verifications with real-time KYC checks. Reduce customer drop-offs significantly.

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800+ ID validations per hour
500+ OCR & extractions per hour

Verify Documents and Identities in Real Time


Manual Workload

Enable better user experience & reduce manual workload significantly via digital onboarding.



Go live within hours via simple plug-and-play APIs or SDKs and worry less about integrations.


Lower Customer
Acquisition Costs

Save significantly on acquiring a customer with up to 80% cost reduction.

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Our Products

Available in the form of simple, automated, plug-n-play APIs & SDKs



Reduce the expense when a user deals with a financial entity for the first time using CKYC

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aadhaar xml

Aadhaar XML

Identify and onboard users with data fetched from UIDAI, without requesting document upload

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scan and extract

Scan & Extract

Automatically extract KYC ID from customers’ official documents to reduce manual form filling errors

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Verify customer identity via DigiLocker that can be authenticated by the users

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Use Cases



Fetch and verify the complete details of any company or individual from national IDs like Aadhaar, PAN, etc., and onboard them instantly.


CKYC Checks

Access all critical customer documents, after consent, using a single CKYC API hit. Avoid the hassle of mandating offline KYC with OSV-ready CKYC.



Strengthen your existing KYC flow with additional validations such as vehicle registration, driving license, voter ID, and more.


Trading &
Gaming Platforms

Perform user identity checks and verify their legality to avoid malicious activities using our dynamic & compliant onboarding platform.



Run comprehensive background checks on your customers, merchants, or partners with a fully automated user onboarding process.



Authenticate user credentials while renting out cars, hotels, flats, or office spaces to prevent fraud and other malpractices.

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Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital KYC?

Digital KYC is an online customer verification process required for businesses operating in regulated sectors such as banking, insurance, and financial securities. The Digital KYC is crucial to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements. It directs businesses to identify their customers to prevent money laundering, identity theft, and illicit financing activities.

Which documents does Decentro support for KYC verification?

Decentro supports all photo-based national IDs, including Driver's Licence (DL), PAN, Voter ID, Passport & Aadhaar card. Decentro also enables bank account verification and GSTIN verification and offers configurations for ID verification upon request.

Can you fetch Aadhaar data directly from the government database?

Private entities don’t have direct access to Aadhaar databases per the new government regulations. Hence, we request that your customers download their Aadhaar XML files offline (i.e., on their devices) and then upload them to your website/app.

How to download the Aadhaar XML file?

The Aadhaar file can be downloaded in PDF as well as XML format from the below-given websites:



Do we also provide/a link to the CKYC APIs?

Yes. We provide 2 types of integrations - aggregator & native. If you are a registered entity with CKYC credentials, you can integrate through Decentro and use your credentials to access CKYC information. Alternatively, you can access CKYC data using Decentro’s credentials.