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Record & Maintain All Your Transactions On A Single Ledger Platform

A single and scalable system of record for all transactions and balances on your platform

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Record and Reconcile Data



Go live within hours via simple plug-and-play APIs or SDKs and worry less about integrations.



Cut down on expenditure towards constant updates and changes in the backend stack.



Reliable backend maintenance that allows you to focus on business growth while saving operational costs.

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Support various Ledgers

Access to various ledger systems, including fiat, cashback, coins, etc., via our framework

Real-Time Updates

Enable real-time updates on a transaction with the least effort

Mapping Transactions

Monitor money flows in your sales ledger, which helps maintain latest records of transactions

Set Reminders

Set reminders for recurring ledger entries from customers hassle-free

Easy Reconciliation

Leverage Decentro’s payments stack for easy reconciliation and funds management

Support across Currencies

Accept international or custom currency options like USD, INR, EUR, JPY, etc

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Record all your transactions on a single platform

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Use Cases



Give cashback to your clients using ledgers and have it directly deposited into your clients’ accounts or wallets.



Segregate loyalty points or 'coins' using ledgers, enabling access to other services within the platform.



Track monetary transactions in specific use cases like Savings, Investments, etc., within the ecosystem.



Reconcile the flow and balances of spends automatically for the purchases made by your customers.



Levy fees or charges for specific transactions, including items like forex or transfer fees.



Keep track of payments, repayments, and other activities related to loans and BNPLs.

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Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ledgers?

Ledgers are closed-loop data repository which helps businesses reconcile transactions, balances, and movement of transactions across multiple sources.

Are there any specific types of Ledgers supported?

Decentro offers a versatile closed-loop ledger module i,e; the platform can choose to create journals and ledgers as per their requirements for any use-case as per their business logic.

Does a journal or a ledger need to be an individual only?

Not at all! Decentro's ledger module is flexible, and the platform can create ledgers for individuals, self, businesses, and any other entity deemed relevant to their use case. The platform can decide the specific use cases of a journal.

Does the ledger module have any constraints in terms of currency?

The ledger module allows the platform the flexibility to pass entries in any currency like fiat (INR, USD, EUR, etc.) or digital currencies, or even virtual currencies like cashback, etc.

What is a Ledger API?

Ledger APIs allow you to get details of the financial transaction on a given virtual bank accountWith a ledger API you can track financial data such as user balances, incoming and outgoing payments, balances owed to partners, and transactions made in different currencies.

What is the use of ledger?

A bookkeeping system led by an integrated Ledger API can benefit your organization, in the following ways

Aggregate multiple accounts in one place

Collect and analyze real-time information

Bypassing untimely or missed reconciliations

No Oversights

Elimination of Errors of Reversal

What is a transaction management platform?

Used primarily in the context of ecommerce sector, transaction management is a way for an eCommerce business to ensure that the transaction-related operations of their online business are functioning in the way they intend it to, and in a way that will facilitate sales.