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Scan and Extract
KYC documents instantly

Automatically extract KYC ID from customers, partners or businesses’ official documents to reduce manual form-filling errors

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Faster Go-to-Market

Go live within hours via simple plug-and-play APIs or SDKs and worry less about integration.


Reduce Frauds

Authenticate user identity and reduce financial fraud using scanned Information from KYC documents.


Reduced Manual Workload

Enable better user experience & reduce manual workload significantly by automatic KYC data extraction.


Reduced Drop-offs

Help reduce user drop-offs by preventing manual errors while entering sensitive information.


Quick Onboarding

Accelerate your onboarding process by automatically extracting data from your users’ KYC documents.


Scale Quickly

Focus on growing your core business while our team works to maintain your integrations.

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Improved Data Accuracy

Reduce errors and queries encountered with incorrect information entered as data is automatically picked from government documents

Real-Time Verification

Validate the user KYC ID extracted from the document in real-time from the source

Reads all Major Documents

Pull data from almost every government-approved document like PAN, Aadhaar, Driving License, Voter ID, and Passport, using Scan & Extract

Image Quality Checks

Ensure image quality by using presets for flagging image attributes like quality, blurriness, photocopy that might not be able to give accurate results with OCR API

Document Classification

Enable OCR to perform accurately by knowing the correct document type without having to ask the user to enter the document type or handle the same at your end

Powerful list of

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Use Cases


Trading &
Gaming Platforms

Perform user identity details check and flag malicious activities while verifying their legality.



Run background checks on your customers or partners with a fully automated onboarding process.


Rental Platforms

Authenticate users’ credentials and prevent malpractices, whether you’re renting out cars, hotels, or flats.

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Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.