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Unleash The Fastest User Onboarding Flow

Seamlessly integrate UI-based plugins for a fully-native user verification & KYC experience with UIStreams

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Seamlessly integrate UI-based plugins for a fully-native user verification & KYC experience with UIStreams

Craft Fully Compliant & Custom Workflows Efficiently


Compliant Workflows

Achieve full adherence to regulations (across RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, MEITY & more) with continuous monitoring and updates via our DigiLocker toolkit.


Reducing Frauds

Reduce fraud by seamlessly collecting verified documents from government repositories like DigiLocker and CERSAI.


Tailored Experiences

Customised solutions for your business needs with our adaptable DigiLocker toolkit, tailor-made for experience.


Scale Quickly

Focus on growing your core business while our platform orchestrates all your complexity with DigiLocker and other repositories.


Real-Time Analytics

Get insights on your DigiLocker journey. Monitor where errors come up and where your users are dropping off.


Reduce Drop-offs

Enhance user experience and adoption with streamlined document retrieval and verification on the fly, minimising user drop-offs.

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Dynamic UI Morphing

Enjoy a seamless user interface with dynamic data fields that adjust in real-time to match your evolving workflow.

Seamless Document Downloads

Retrieve documents from DigiLocker and other repositories directly within the UI without going to an external app, reducing drop offs.

Exquisite User Experiences

Enjoy intuitive interfaces, automated document retrieval, and dynamic UI elements for unparalleled satisfaction, all enhanced through our DigiLocker toolkit.

Unifying Diverse Sources

Bridge multiple sources, empowering developers to create workflows spanning various information sources.

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Seamlessly integrate custom UI workflows for onboarding into your application

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Streamlined Verification Task Automation

Experience the power of pre-configured tasks within UIStreams, enabling developers to address diverse needs effortlessly.
Dive into critical use cases showcasing the versatility of this revolutionary tool



Simplify Aadhaar-related processes like OKYC and Aadhaar XML by effortlessly retrieving the documents from multiple sources and delivering them to specified callback URLs.



Unify the DigiLocker experience with UIStreams’ single API. Seamlessly interact with stored documents, utilising UIStreams as a secure gateway to this trusted repository.


Insurance Policy

Fetch any Insurance Policy documents from DigiLocker in real-time. Access essential insurance policy information instantly, eliminating communication delays.


Vehicle Registration Certificate

Retrieve vehicle registration certificate documents from DigiLocker in real time to simplify obtaining vehicle registration details.


Education Certificates

Fetch marksheets from university databases quickly via DigiLocker. Check the relevant qualifications for education loans and reduce fraud.


Business Certificates

Fetch verified documents like Udyam certificate and other Quality certificates natively. Verify businesses and mitigate risks efficiently during user onboarding.


Use Cases Benefiting from our UIStreams & DigiLocker Toolkit



Streamline your borrower’s verification and application process by natively fetching the required documents via DigiLocker.


Insurance Underwriting

Evaluate the risks of the person or entity during the insurance approval process smoothly and efficiently.



Seamlessly conduct comprehensive identity verification, ensuring safety for buyers and sellers on your marketplace.


Trading and Gaming platforms

Ensure regulatory compliance and prevent malicious activities with seamless user identity checks.



Simplify the onboarding of your students & vendors, and enable smooth financing for education loans via a native verification flow.


Rentals and Real Estate

Streamline document verification and registration across rentals and purchased properties, greatly enhancing efficiency.

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