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Accept Payments Seamlessly via UPI

Supercharge your platform by enabling payment collection through UPI. Accept payments from platforms like BHIM, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.

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$5BN+ Processed Annually
900,000+ API Hits processed per day
8000+ Transactions processed per hour

Collect Payments in a Single Tap


Reduce Transaction Costs

Save on transactions via payment gateways or PSPs.


Elevate Customer Journey

Elevate customer experience with one-click payments.


Increase Success Rates

Reduce payment failures and secure success rates of 98%.


Flexible Settlements

Get funds settled to partner’s account instantly, without waiting T+2 days.


Lower Operational Costs

Cut your expenditure towards heavy integrations and relationships.


Fully Compliant

End-to-end compliance with the UPI payment flows as an RBI-certified Payment Aggregator.

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Increased Success rates

Point out any incorrect UPI via the validate VPA feature and boost your transaction success rates

Account Whitelisting

Whitelist any type of transfer a beneficiary can receive funds from - IMPS/UPI/NEFT/RTGS

Easy Authentication

Leverage one-time UPI PIN of every account detail like account number, CVV, etc

Dashboard monitoring

Minimize tech efforts by monitoring transactions seamlessly via a Dashboard

Real-time Updates

Get instant payment-related reports, insights, and notifications directly on your dashboard in real time

Powerful list of

Enable the payment collection ecosystem through UPI

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Use Cases


In-app Payments

Get paid by users for your in-app purchases or payment in general, with instant settlements.


Last Mile Collections

Enable last-mile scan and pay collections for your logistics or eCommerce business.


Conversational Banking

Enable digital banking via messaging apps that send automated collect request or payment links to customer.


EMI Repayments

Collect recurring payments from the user’s account toward loans or other services provided by Banks/Lenders.


Insurance Premiums

Set an autopay feature for Debiting monthly/yearly premiums for health, automobile etc., towards your services.


Investment Plans

Collect all monthly installments using a payment link or a collect request from the customer.

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Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between UPI Collect and UPI Intent?

This traditional UPI collection flow allows bank account holders to transact using VPAs without entering additional bank information. In intent flow, as soon as the customer selects the UPI payment app on the checkout of the website/app, the app is launched automatically on the mobile device.

How do I create a UPI Intent?

Here is how Decentro’s UPI intent flow will help you launch your business vertical or new product in no time.

Create UPI intent flow on your platform and provide a seamless payment experience for your customers

Enable your customers to opt for their preferred UPI app

Pre-populate payment details, and

Complete the transaction on the go in seconds

What is the issuer and acquirer in UPI?

The issuer is the entity that provides UPI credentials and services to the end user (customer) for initiating payments. Meanwhile, the acquirer is the entity that enables merchants to accept UPI payments, facilitating the processing and settlement of payments for the merchants.