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Learn in-depth about how various banking & financial APIs can empower your business along with quick info-nuggets on how these function.

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Payment Collections and Settlement


Banking as a Service Platform

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Why Decentro?

Setup Fees
High (2K - 10K USD)

Completely FREE

3-4 Months

~ 2 Weeks

Settlement Times
Atleast T-1 to T+2

Real-time Settlements

Service Provider
High reliance on single service provider and bank

Backend powered by multiple banks with switchability

Customer Service
Turnaround time of 1-2 working days atleast

Turnaround within 1-2 hours

Scalability & Flexibility
Difficult to scale due to a rigid underlying structure

Customizable APIs and seamless scalability


ribbon-iconUnlimited rollover of unused API hits

ribbon-iconGlobal from The Get Go