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Bank Account Validation API

Initiate instant bank account verification through account numbers validation (and other details)

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Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • The Need for Bank Account Verification
  • Key Features of Bank Account Verification API
  • Why Decentro’s APIs for Bank Account Verification?

Key Features of Bank Account Verification API

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Fraud Detection

With secure and transparent access to data, the risk of identity fraud is eliminated right at the onboarding process.

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Instant Check

Validate merchant/ customers authenticity via selective credentials such as the IFSC code and account number.

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Accelerated Onboarding

Retrieve and authenticate information via powerful APIs, without exposing data to a third party, thereby eliminating any delays in the onboarding of new vendors/ merchants/clients.

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Automated Workflows

Easy-to-integrate APIs for your existing workflows, or set up an automated workflow to elevate the customer experience with a quick and efficient verification journey.

Bank Account Verification For Your Business - How Can Decentro Help

Decentro’s API banking platform has Bank Account Verification APIs to help businesses like yours provide a seamless experience to your customers, partners, and vendors!

Why Decentro’s APIs for Bank Account Verification?

Single API for validating user’s bank account instantly via penny drop verification.

Flexible API-based flow that can be embedded easily in your existing workflows.

Verify accounts on the fly while maintaining the accuracy and speed of onboarding as well as transactions.

Leverage multi-bank architecture in the backend so that any unexpected downtimes, black swan events, or volume spikes will not impact your business.

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