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Debt Collections Platform

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Debt Collections Platform

Table of Contents

  • Need for Collection as a Service (CaaS) for Debt Collections
  • Benefits of Debt Collection Platform
  • How can you leverage Collection as a Service (CaaS) for Debt Collection?
  • Key features of our Debt Collection Platform
  • Debt Collection For Your Business - How Can Decentro Help
Need for CAAS

Need for a Debt Collections Software

According to the latest RBI data, the Indian banking system’s credit grew 16.1% year-on-year to a whopping INR 134.17 trillion. The rising demand for credit, greater financial awareness, and expectations for a seamless experience have compelled lenders to adopt digitization.
But with Debt collection complaints rising and affecting bank ratings, there is still a need to create a robust and scalable lending infrastructure, which will depend mainly on the efficacy of the debt collection processes.

This is where Decentro’s Debt Collection product comes useful as an effective collection solution that automates lenders' debt recovery and collection pipeline while allowing lenders to streamline and manage their loan recovery workflow.

But why should Decentro’s Debt Collection platform be your next pick for Reducing Bad Debts?
Let’s understand below.

Benefits of Debt Collection Platform

A Better Way to Simplify Collections

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Single Platform
for Collection

Manage all your collection touchpoints across omnichannel communications for increased efficiency and maximized efforts.

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Better recovery
of Debts

Helps you create rule-based strategies for all communications to the borrowers by avoiding manual touchpoints and automating the entire journey.

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Lower operational

Increase Automation and reduce everyday expenses by optimizing financial transactions and operational capacity.

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Cut down on your expenditure towards heavy integrations and maintaining relationships.

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Control, record, and gain one-click access to all collection touch points to ensure your business and teams remain ever-compliant, and you never have any legal issues.

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Reduce delayed payments for your services by ensuring timely collections from customers.

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How can you leverage our Collection as a Service (CaaS) platform for Debt Collection?

Simplify Loan Collections & Disbursals

For Communication

Omnichannel multi-lingual reach out to borrowers.

Accessibility to Digital touchpoints like SMS, IVR, Chatbot, Voicebot, Whatsapp, and Physical Touchpoints like speed post.

End-to-end activity tracker at both loan account and borrower levels across different channels (messages, WhatsApp, chatbot, etc.)

For Informed Decision Making

For Informed Decision Making

Create rule-based strategies for all communications to the borrowers.

AB testing different comms and templates to gauge the effectiveness of each before automating a strategy.

Prioritization of cases as per probability of repayment.

For Legal Automation

For Legal Automation

Physical and digital legal notice dispatching, digital litigation tracker, and online arbitration.

Integration with e-courts for a digital repository of all case proceedings across different courts.

Sending and Tracking legal notices

For Mediation and Arbitration

For Mediation and Arbitration

End-to-end proceedings across traditional and digital channels.

Online dispute resolution for arbitration, conciliation, and mediation proceedings via impaneled arbitrators, lawyers and neutrals.

Key features of our Debt Collection Platform

Empower Lending with Confident Decisions

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Communicate across channels to your users like Email, SMS, Whatsapp, IVR, Cloud Calling, Voicebots, Chatbot, Speed Post, etc.

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Helps you create rule-based strategies for all communications to the borrowers, and avoid manual touchpoints by automating the entire journey.

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Legal Module

Customize legal workflows for sending out timely notices in physical or digital form that can be triggered, and arbitration can be conducted online through empanelled lawyers.

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Payment Link

Helps you Generate Payment links for repayment via Debit Card, UPI, etc. This is further integrated for seamless communication with channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Chatbot, etc.

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Boosts Field
Agents’ Productivity

FieldForce helps you increase your field agents’ performance with real-time data insights, advanced task management capabilities, and comprehensive reporting and geo-tracking functionality.

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Streamline your collections using Auto-pay recurring mandates with zero reminder hassles.

Reduce Bad Debts Today

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Debt Collections For Your Business - How Can Decentro Help

Decentro has partnered with Neowise to help you seamlessly set up debt collection systems & processes, so that you can focus on creating smooth lending experiences for your users.

Why Decentro’s Neowise for Debt Collection?

The entire debt collection platform is available as a plug-and-play dashboard.

Get access to detailed and customised statements, and repayment reports for accounting & compliance.

Onboard approved and compliant channels to increase disbursements.

Connect with lenders in the ecosystem to co-lend or run partnerships.

Dedicated support to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for the fintechs and the lenders and borrowers.

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