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Digital Lending Solution for NBFCs and Fintechs

A complete lending solution inclusive of easy loan disbursement, re-payments, KYC verification and much more, in compliance with RBI digital lending guidelines

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Digital Lending Solution for NBFCs and Fintechs

Table of Contents

  • Digital Lending Segmentation
  • The Need For a Compliant Digital Lending Solution
  • Key Features of API Banking Stack
  • The Solution Suite for Fintech Lenders
  • Digital Lending For Your Business - How Can Decentro Help
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Digital Lending Segmentation

Digital Lending Segmentation

Digital lending in India is expected to become a $1.3 Tn market opportunity by 2030. This high-potential ecosystem can be segmented into the following five categories:

Regulated Lenders & Capital providers (such as Banks and NBFCs).

Data Providers (such as Account Aggregators).

Core Platforms (such as LMS - Lending management systems).

SME / MSME Lending.
Consumer Lending.

Third Parties.

With Banks and NBFCs forming the backbone of the lending sector, these are traditionally heavily regulated by the Reserve Bank of India [RBI] due to the sheer volume of capital being held by these institutions.

Need for digital lending solution

The Need For a Compliant Digital Lending Solution

The new digital lending guidelines announced by RBI, aimed at curbing rising malpractices in the digital lending ecosystem, have made it mandatory that loan disbursals and repayments happen directly between the accounts of regulated lenders (NBFCs or Banks) and borrowers.
To quote the guideline, “All digital loans must be disbursed and repaid through bank accounts of regulated entities only, without pass-through of loan service providers (LSPs) or other third parties.”
With the question of compliancy looming large on any third party or fintech solution, the need to clarify the scope and responsibilities across the lending lifecycle is now paramount. This along with the promise of transparency in terms technology, and disclosures related to data gathering will be the key drivers of the regulated payment infrastructure in this new lending ecosystem.

Key Features of API Banking Stack

Feature image

99.9% Uptime of our systems & APIs

Feature image

Fastest Response Times of a few hundred milliseconds

Feature image

Single API documentation for multiple bank providers

Feature image

Real-time bank-switchability in our backend

Feature image

10X reduction in integration efforts, cost, and time

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Multi-channel collections via UPI, QR, RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, eNACH, Whatsapp, Payment links and more.

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Automated alerts for fluctuations & downtimes, if any

The Solution Suite for Fintech Lenders

Simplify Loan Collections & Disbursals

Simplify Loan Collections & Disbursals

Disburse loans with automated payouts in real-time. Share white-labelled UPI payment links/QR codes or virtual accounts for seamless collections. Automate any recurring payments for your partners from their customers. Set up UPI Autopay, e-mandates & NACH services for recurring payments.

Verify customers with our KYC APIs

Verify customers with our KYC APIs

Profile your customers and verify and validate their identities before approving them for loans. Perform verifications such as identity checks via KYC & CKYC, real-time Govt data checks like GSTIN, Face match and liveliness check.

Reconcile balances and settlements

Reconcile balances and settlements

Set up any number of virtual accounts to reconcile all your settlements in real time, and easily via dashboard or our APIs.

Banking as a Service

Banking as a Service

Open and manage fully digital escrow and corporate accounts for your partners and merchants with trusted transactions on top of any of our partner banks in the country.

Digital Lending For Your Business - How Can Decentro Help

Decentro’s API banking platform has APIs to help businesses like yours to provide a seamless experience to your customers, partners, and vendors!

Why Decentro’s APIs for Digital Lending?

Entire lending stack available as plug-play APIs and a dashboard.

Get access to detailed and customised statements and repayment reports for accounting & compliance.

Onboard approved and compliant channels to increase disbursements.

Connect with lenders in the ecosystem to co-lend or run partnerships.

Dedicated support to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for the fintechs and the lenders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Decentro compliant with new RBI lending guidelines?

Yes, Decentro is fully compliant with the new RBI lending guidelines.

Why was the new guideline issued by RBI?

The guidelines, aimed at curbing rising malpractices in the digital lending ecosystem, follow the recommendations of a working group for digital lending, whose report was made public in November 2021. “The concerns primarily relate to the unbridled engagement of third parties, mis-selling, breach of data privacy, unfair business conduct, charging of exorbitant interest rates, and unethical recovery practices,” the RBI said in the final guidelines.

When will the new guidelines come to effect?

The effective date from which the guidelines are applicable is given below:

New Loans: The guidelines were applicable on an immediate basis (i.e. from 2 September 2022) to the existing customers availing fresh loans and to new customers getting onboarded.

Existing Loans: Regulated Entities would be given time till 30 November 2022 to put in place adequate systems and processes to ensure that existing digital loans comply with the guidelines

What capabilities does Decentro offer in the digital lending space?

Decentro is a one-stop system designed to manage disbursements, automate collections, and provide KYC solutions for seamless borrower onboarding while conforming with RBI digital lending criteria.

Does Decentro’s stack take co-lending into consideration?

Yes, Decentro enables you to create a flexible virtual account and use APIs on the escrow or corporate account of the lenders to enable co-lending use cases.

How does the integration work for Decentro?

Decentro’s integration works in three easy steps.

Signup with Decentro with a corporate/escrow bank account of the lender in place. Or take our help to get one opened within 2-3 working days.

Select from our list of modules such as Accounts, Payments, and configure your desired banking operation with complete control via APIs or the dashboard.

Test the modules in the sandbox, and go live at any time—all in a matter of weeks, instead of months.