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Employment Verification

Real-time UAN Verification API to extract employment details of employees and verify EPFO details.

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Aadhaar Verification API

Table of Contents

  • Employment Verification for Businesses
  • Methodology
  • How Can Employee Verification Help Your Business
  • Key features of Employment Verification API
  • Where You Can Use It
  • How Can Decentro Help?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Aadhaar Verification API

Employment Verification for Businesses

Employment verification serves several crucial purposes for businesses, including ensuring the workforce’s integrity, maintaining compliance with regulations, and mitigating risks.

Decentro’s Employee Verification API extracts the employment details of the employees using the UAN number and verifies all the information, such as employment history and date of joining/leaving.

It also enables businesses to gather an individual’s EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) details, providing a swift and non-disruptive method for confirming whether an individual was employed at an organisation during the specified time frame with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.


A consent-driven employee verification process that validates the employee details using in the following steps.

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Step 1

User inputs UAN and password.

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Step 2

Validate the entered credentials for authentication.

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Step 3

Upon successful validation, EPFO data is fetched.


How Can Employee Verification Help Your Business


Ensure Genuine Employment and Security

Partner with legitimate individuals who have/are related to a different/claimed employer currently or in the past, right at the source.


Comprehensive Employee Data Access

Enhance HR operations with verified employee data, including UANs, employment history, and EPF details.


Determine Individual’s Financial Stability

Check the borrower’s provident fund (PF) contributions to verify their employment status, a crucial factor lenders consider in loan approval processes.

Key Features Of Employment Verification API

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Seamless &

Incorporate the Employee Verification API into your systems, seamlessly integrating UAN verification functionality.

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Real-time &
Aadhaar verification

Instantly validates UAN details in real time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date employee information.

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Comprehensive &
EPFO Verification

Thorough EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) verification checks, validating UAN, name, and employer details.

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Enhanced &

Verify the employee’s data directly with UAN ID to ensure accuracy and success rates close to 100%.

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Scalable &
and Reliable

Scalable and reliable infrastructure enables handling verification requests of any volume without compromising performance.

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Robust &
Security Measures

Robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive employee data ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information.

Where You Can Use It

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Employee verification API streamlines employee onboarding by automating UAN verification, ensuring accurate data entry into payroll systems and compliance with labour regulations.

Hiring Process Automation

Hiring Process Automation

Integrating Employee Verification APIs into HR software automates hiring phase verifications, confirming job applicants’ information accuracy, including employment history, titles, dates, and salaries.

Provident Fund Management

Provident Fund Management

The API simplifies provident fund administration by validating UAN details and facilitating seamless fund contributions, withdrawals, and transfers.

Loan Processing

Loan Processing

Financial Institutions can use Employment verification APIs to verify loan applicants’ employment and income details, aiding in assessing their creditworthiness and reducing the risk of default.

Identity Verification for Account Opening

Identity Verification for Account Opening

Banks and fintech companies can use Employment Verification APIs to verify customers’ identities during the account opening, enhancing security and compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

Employee Verification for Your Business - How Can Decentro Help

Why Decentro’s APIs for Employee Verification?

Enables verification across vast industries with tested results.

Flexible API-based flow that can be embedded easily in your existing workflows.

Access to detailed Universal Account Numbers (UANs) reports, employment history, and EPF details.

Verify on the fly while maintaining the accuracy and speed of onboarding.

Leverage multi-bank architecture in the backend so that unexpected downtimes, black swan events, or volume spikes will not impact your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPFO API?

EPFO API helps verify and confirm employment evidence. It allows businesses to monitor EPF information and carry out extensive inquiries into establishments, UAN specifics, and individuals' employment backgrounds.

Which industries can use EPFO API?

The lending and banking industries primarily use the EPFO API to determine an individual’s financial health. It can also be used for underwriting and in other sectors.

How does EPFO API simplify the employment verification process?

The EPFO API simplifies employment verification by offering a straightforward method to confirm an establishment's authenticity. By utilising the EPFO API, organisations can verify the establishment code, ensuring they only hire individuals with legitimate claims and are free from fraudulent activities.