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Enrich & augment your data for vendor financing, bill discounting, and more seamlessly while serving your SME customers and partners using our GST APIs.

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APIs for GST from Decentro to help businesses operate better.

Table of Contents

  • What is GST? How Does it Work?
  • What is GSTIN?
  • What is the Structure of GSTIN?
  • Why GST APIs are a Must For Your Business?
  • GST APIs: How Can Decentro Empower Your Business
  • Why Decentro’s APIs for GST?
Learn about what GST is and how does it work in India.

What Is GST?

How Does it Work?

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. Introduced on 1st July 2017, it is an indirect tax that replaced the existing myriad of taxes in the country, such as Value Added Tax(VAT), Service Tax, Purchase Tax, Excise Duty, and more!

Until the introduction of GST, different states in India levied variable taxes according to their policies. The Govt of India introduced GST to create a uniform, central taxing mechanism for businesses. Since then, businesses across the length & breadth of the country have registered with GSTIN to function.

Learn about what GSTIN is and how does it work in India.

What Is GSTIN?

GSTIN, or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number, refers to a 15-digit unique alphanumeric code that is assigned to a business for tax purposes. GSTIN replaced the Tax Identification Number[TIN] that was previously allotted to businesses under the VAT system.

The GST council maintains a data-rich repository of GST data that specific platforms can access through APIs known as GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs). Businesses can leverage the APIs exposed by the GSTIN for various use cases spanning lending, logistics, payments, etc. These include:

Public APIs  that can be used by anyone and require no consent

Consent APIs  that provide confidential information and require consent

Learn about the structure of GSTIN with an example

What is the Structure of GSTIN?

GSTIN has been uniquely constructed using a combination of factors. Let’s understand it using an example.

1st-2nd: State code; each state has its own custom code. For example, Delhi has 07 while Karnataka has 29.

3rd-12th: PAN of the person who pays the tax

13th: Entity/Registration Number. Refers to the number of registrations in the state of the taxpayer who pays the GST. If they register once, it’s 1. If the same legal entity registers again, it’s 2.

14th: ‘Z’ by default

15th: Check code that’s alphanumeric

Why GST APIs are a Must For Your Business

Feature image

Reduced instances of fraud with the need to sync with PAN during registration.

Feature image

Uniform tax format that is transparent across the country

Feature image

Efficient consignment & goods tracking with e-way bills

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Ease of bookkeeping transactions and reconciling them.

GST APIs: How Can Decentro Empower Your Business

Decentro’s APIs for GST help your business to fetch and analyze the following data points with ease.

Validate GSTIN using Decentro’s APIs

GSTIN Validation

Access the GSTIN repository and validate the GSTIN of your customers easily. Fetch associated details such as filing date, filing type, and more. Pre-fill all info, enhance the user experience, and reduce the drop-offs using Decentro’s Validate GSTIN KYC API.

Retrieve E-way bills from the GSTIN portal using Decentro’s GST APIs

GST E-way Bill

Track a consignment along with the type and value of the underlying goods via e-way bills with minimal hassle. Fetch e-way bills for transporting goods with just a click using our GST APIs.

Analyze creditworthiness of businesses using GST APIs.

GST Returns

Analyze the creditworthiness of a business by accessing filling information spanning GSTR1, GSTR3B, and GSTR2A, with just a click.

GST For Your Businesss - How Can Decentro Help

Decentro’s API banking platform has GST APIs to help businesses like yours speed up customer onboarding time by 95% and provide a seamless experience to your customers, partners, and vendors!

Why Decentro’s APIs for GST?

Leverage a single API Integration to access multiple GST data.

Connect with multiple GST providers that power Decentro’s backend. The multi-provider switchability feature ensures a seamless, uninterrupted operation for your business during downtimes or unexpected events.

Retrieve GST data with just a few clicks.

Onboard users via messaging channels such as WhatsApp with Conversational Banking. Assess creditworthiness with extensive background checks via KYC & CKYC APIs.

Reduce overhead expenditures significantly for user verification with a minimal cost for each CKYC API hit.

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