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Set up real-time payments & collections with UPI Collect or UPI Intent Flow and create a seamless cash flow for your business. Enable instant settlements for your customers, partners, or merchants/vendors using UPI APIs

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UPI Integration APIs for business

Table of Contents

  • UPI For Business
  • How Can UPI Payments Help Your Business
  • How Can You Leverage UPI APIs
  • Why Decentro’s APIs for UPI Payments
UPI for business

UPI for Business

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a payments system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India[NPCI] that facilitates money transfer between two bank accounts instantly and in real-time.

According to reports by Statista, a total of 2.8 billion digital payment transactions worth over ₹5 trillion happened over UPI in India in June 2021. With the ever-increasing rise in UPI payments, hop your business on the bandwagon to provide an exceptional experience to your customers and save operational costs!

You can facilitate payments via UPI for your customers across any application such as Google Pay, or PhonePe, or directly via UPI VPA[Virtual Payment Address]. Not just payments, there’s a lot more you can do via APIs for UPI for streamlining cashflows for your business. More on those in the coming sections!

How Can UPI Payments Help Your Business

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Reduce Transaction Costs

Save on the ~2% fee for each transaction on payment gateways or PSPs. Utilize UPI’s zero Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) for your business.

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Avoid Fund Settlement Delays

Enable instant fund settlements for your merchants, vendors, & customers. No more making your customers wait for 2-3 days!

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Fully Compliant

End-to-end compliance with the UPI transaction flows as an RBI-certified Payment Aggregator.

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Increase Payment Success Rates

Reduce customer drop-offs and dodge frequent payment failures via PGs or card networks. Take your overall success rates to beyond 98% with UPI

How Can You Leverage UPI APIs

Set up a sturdy payments stack for your business using Decentro’s APIs for UPI. Facilitate collections, enable instant payments, authenticate VPAs, provide QR payments, and more! Let’s dig deep!

Using UPI APIs, enable real-time and instant payments across India.

Facilitate Instant Payments

Create white-labeled UPI IDs for your customers, merchants, & partners and initiate payouts across the country without settlement delays or beneficiary cooling periods. Issue refunds easily by reverting transactions and employ Bulk Payouts to settle payments in one go.

 Reduce collection costs by 10X using UPI APIs.

Streamline Collections

Create & share payment links with your customers via popular channels like WhatsApp with conversational banking. Reduce collection costs by 5X using simple plug & play UPI APIs and enable Request to Pay (R2P) on popular apps for your customers. Reconcile all transactions, even failed ones, in real-time using virtual accounts tied to each UPI ID.

Set up intent flows and enable QR payment collections.

Set-up Intent Flows & QR Collections

Create UPI intent flow on your platform and provide a seamless payment experience for your customers. Enable your customers to opt for their preferred UPI app, pre-populate payments details, and complete the transaction at a go. Or, create & share static/dynamic QR codes, tied to UPI IDs, for offline collections.

Set up UPI autopay and enable split payments for your merchants.

Enable UPI Autopay & Split Payments

Shed all worries related to recurring payments using UPI Autopay. Enable your customers to schedule autopay on their accounts or wallets with just a click for any subscriptions. If you are a retailer or an e-commerce business, employ Split Payments APIs and settle money from a single customer to multiple vendors & sellers simultaneously.

Authenticate VPA of users before transferring payments using UPI APIs.

Validate UPI IDs Before Transfer

Verify a UPI ID or VPA before initiating payments or collection requests to a user’s account and enhance the success rates. Validate UPI APIs will help you verify an ID from NPCI’s end and fetch merchant-level details for both Business and Savings accounts.

UPI Payments For Your Business - How Can Decentro Help

Why Decentro’s APIs for UPI Payments?

White-label UPI IDs to reflect your branding with customers, partners, or vendors.

Set up your payment vertical within weeks and not months. And, at 90% reduced overheads!

Save on the hefty fees you otherwise have to pay payment gateways for each transaction.

Leverage multi-bank architecture in the backend so that any unexpected downtimes, black swan events, or volume spikes will never affect your business adversely.

Track all transaction details in a dedicated dashboard for your business. Visit ledger page with reconciled payments and peruse data.

Leverage Conversational Banking & social payments via any messaging platform(such as WhatsApp) to onboard users via KYC & CKYC in real-time, request payments and disburse.

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Did You Know?

NPCI has rolled out the mandate for interoperability of UPI. This includes a unified 8-10 digit number that will serve as the user’s UPI ID. If it’s a 10 digit number, the mobile number will need to be used.
Thus, your business can transact with customers across any app of their preference or facilitate the same for your partners or vendors using a single ID.

Real-time Payments. 5X Reduced Collection Costs. UPI APIs For Your Business
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