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UPI Autopay

Get recurring E-Mandate enabled on your platform via UPI for payments such as bills, EMIs, OTT subscriptions, insurance, mutual funds, and others.

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UPI Autopay APIs for business

Table of Contents

  • What is UPI Autopay?
  • What is UPI Autopay Intent Flow?
  • Key Features
  • Leveraging UPI Autopay APIs
  • Why Decentro’s APIs for UPI Autopay?
What is Upi Autopay?

What is UPI Autopay?

The UPI Autopay is a landmark initiative by NPCI that allows users to use their bank accounts to transfer funds to merchants on a recurring basis. It is an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable solution to collect all your recurring payments. UPI AutoPay or UPI Mandates allows merchants to set up a recurring monthly/weekly/daily/on-demand payment to be debited from customers via UPI mode.

This helps the merchants reduce their follow-up time with customers, and increase the conversion rate of paid customers with zero manual efforts. This benefits both, the customers and the merchants simultaneously.

With a recurring payment facility, the NPCI aims to provide a more convenient way for customers to pay for things that they use every month or on a routine basis and merchants get ensured about the credit of this payment into their accounts on a timely basis.

UPI Autopay Intent Flow

What is UPI Autopay Intent Flow?

UPI Autopay intent flow enables a seamless auto-debit setup through UPI for your users that helps reduce drop-offs and increases conversion rates by simplifying the user journey.


Seamless & Frictionless UPI Autopay registration

Automated Routing without manual intervention

Bypass of SMS or Push notification

Lets user choose any of the supported PSP apps

Bypasses manual entry of VPA

No manual switching between PSP and platform

Key Features

Get recurring payments enabled on your platform via UPI Autopay

Feature image

Custom UPI Handles
for Payees

Let users deposit recurring funds to your customized UPI handle

Feature image


Set e-Mandates for payment collection at regular/on-demand intervals

Feature image


Schedule automatic payment of all monthly bills to simplify the process

Feature image


Automated Payments require a one-time UPI PIN for authentication purposes

Feature image


The user is notified of any upcoming debit, helping in an improved success rate

Feature image


Get instant payment-related reports and insights directly on your dashboard

How Can You Leverage UPI Autopay APIs

Digital Subscriptions

Digital Subscriptions

Digital content providers can now automate recurring payments for their customers and charge them using UPI Autopay on a weekly/monthly/on-demand.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance Premiums

UPI Autopay comes very useful in Debitting monthly/yearly premiums for health, automobile, house, etc from the party.

Savings Journey

Savings Journey

Let users contribute towards their monthly saving goals by helping them set up an Auto-debit plan that transfers money to your VA.

Investment Plans

Investment Plans

Merchants can now charge for all the monthly installments by setting a one-time e-Mandate that is approved by the customer via one-time authentication itself.

Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations

Struggling to convert one-time donations to continuous monthly donations? UPI Autopay can be the next breakthrough. Create e-Mandates that auto-debits from donors’ accounts every month.

Recurring EMIs

Recurring EMIs

Banks & other lenders can set monthly EMI auto-debits from the user’s account toward loans or other services.

UPI Autopay for Business - How Can Decentro Help

Why Decentro’s APIs for UPI Autopay?

Fully compliant UPI transaction flows as an RBI-certified payment aggregator.

Fully flexible API-based flow for registration and presentation.

The client can have their own UPI handles and even send pre-debit notifications.

Fully API-based flow compared to SDK flows provided by other players.

Callbacks for registration as well as debits and credits into the mapped VA.

Sub-merchant onboarding for all clients on their own handles.

Unlimited rollover of unused API hits with Multiple banking partners.

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Did You Know?

NPCI has rolled out the mandate for interoperability of UPI. This includes a unified 8-10 digit number that will serve as the user’s UPI ID. If it’s a 10 digit number, the mobile number will need to be used. Thus, your business can transact with customers across any app of their preference or facilitate the same for your partners or vendors using a single ID.

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