Updated on July 21, 2023

At Decentro, we are committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection policy outline the data we collect from you, its purpose, and how we use and share it, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

We urge you to read this Policy carefully. If you do not agree with what is stated in this Policy, please stop using our products and services immediately.


This policy applies to you whenever you use our products and services including when you access this website. By using our products or services and accessing this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Policy and also give us your consent to utilise, store, disclose and transfer your information in accordance with it.

This Policy is not applicable to third-party websites, products or services regardless of whether they are linked to or offered in association with our services. Please read the terms and conditions and privacy terms of such third-parties to understand how they process your information.

Types of data we collect from you

We deem any information as personal data (“Personal Data”) if it is associated with your identity. Personal Data could thus include name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, payment card information, bank account information, etc. The following paragraphs describe what Personal Data we collect from you and the purpose thereof. By using our services, you consent to the collection and usage of all data mentioned here.

  1. Account Information - This includes details such as your name, residential address, email address, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, passport number, tax identification number, demographic data that you provide to us at the time of onboarding and updated as and when there are changes to it. We require this information -

    1. to be able to offer our Services;

    2. to verify and authenticate your identity;

    3. to provide assistance and support;

    4. to perform due diligence on you;

    5. to prevent risk and fraud;

    6. to undertake anti-money laundering and countering the finance of terrorism measures;

    7. to communicate with you and provide you with updates and alerts, information regarding your transactions, share marketing campaigns, etc.

    8. to report suspicious activity;

  2. Identity Verification Documents - These include copies of your government-issued identification including passport, driver’s license or national ID card or other authentication information. This information is required by us to fulfil our obligations under applicable law in respect of identity verification and prevention of fraud and risk. Accordingly, we use this information to-
    1. verify and authenticate your identity;

    2. create your account;

    3. to assess your eligibility to use our Services;

    4. to undertake anti-money laundering and countering the finance of terrorism measures;

    5. to perform due diligence on you;

    6. to report suspicious activity;

    7. to facilitate and provide our Services

  3. Payment Information - This includes financial information such as bank account details (account number, routing number), credit or debit card numbers, credit reports or tax information, such as withholding allowances and filing status. This information is required to process payments on your behalf.

  4. Beneficiary Information - information about the parties to the transaction, the designated recipient (including the recipient’s bank account information), the source of the funds, the reason for the transaction, the devices and payment methods used to complete transactions. In addition to requiring this information for the processing payments on your behalf, this information helps us identify and prevent risks and fraud and fulfil our obligations under applicable law, particularly under anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism laws.

  5. Business Entity Information and Documents - This may include information about the business you represent including: the organizational structure of the company, the product and service offerings, website domain name used by the business, and information about the beneficial owners of the business. We use this information for the purposes mentioned in (a) and (b) in respect of your business.

  6. Device Information and Log Data - This includes (i) information about server logs which may include information such as access times and dates, pages viewed and other system activity, including the third-party site you were using before accessing our Services and (ii) information about the devices you use to access our Services including: the device type, operating systems and versions, the device manufacturer and model, preferred languages, and plugins. In addition to using this information for providing our Services and identifying and preventing fraud, this information helps us check for compatibility and improve efficiency.

  7. Usage Data - This includes information about pages visited, time spent, etc. We use this information in order to gain insights into your usage of our website and services, enhance them, analyze data and transactions for the purpose of improving our services, and carry out necessary corrective and diagnostic actions.

  8. Cookies - Our website and online services may use cookies to understand how you interact with the website/online services, enable network traffic and to provide specific features.

  9. Information we collect through surveys, feedback, and promotions - You may provide this information voluntarily to us. We use this information to assess our Services and carry out necessary corrective and diagnostic actions.

  10. Information we collect from third parties - We may collect information about you from third parties including from our service providers and credit bureaus. We may use this information for a variety of purposes as mentioned in the paragraphs above.

Data Retention and Storage

Your Personal Data will be processed, maintained and stored in Singapore in accordance with applicable law. We will retain your Personal Data

  1. until the time we deem it necessary to provide Services including ancillary and support services;

  2. as required by law;

  3. to comply with contractual and legal obligations;

  4. to protect ourselves from any threatened or actual dispute.

While we may hence retain your information even after your stop receiving our Services, we will store and process them in accordance with law.

Data Sharing

We will share your information on a strict need to know basis as and when required with third parties. Such instances may include -

  1. Compliance and other legal obligations - We may be legally required to provide information about you to the government, law enforcement authorities, regulatory authorities and judicial authorities when we’re ordered to do so, when any details required by such authorities entails the disclosure of your information, to comply with law, enforce our terms, identify and prevent risks and fraud and to protect our interests.

  2. Third Party Service Providers/partners - We work with a host of service providers to provide our Services to you, during the course of which, we may share your information to such service providers. While we will ensure that our agreements with them requires them to handle you information in accordance with this Policy, we urge you to read their terms and conditions including their privacy policy since this Policy is not applicable to third-party websites, products or Services regardless of whether they are linked to or offered in association with our service.

  3. Our subsidiary and affiliate companies - we may share your information with our subsidiary and affiliate companies for the purposes described in this Policy in accordance with law.

We may share your information with other third parties with your consent should such a requirement arise.

Analytics and Tracking

We/our partners/third party service providers may use analytics and tracking technologies. These technologies help us collect various data including details such as your usage of our Services and behaviours thereof. This helps us understand how you use our Services and hence, equips us to monitor our Services and improve it.

Data Security

While transmission of information on the web is never foolproof, we have and will take all necessary steps and actions to protect your information against any loss or misuse. Additionally, we follow industry standards safeguards in storing your information and preventing any unauthorised access, theft, misuse, loss or modification through tools such as encryption, firewalls and access controls.

We urge you to secure your account and use passwords that are strong. You may report any suspicious activity at

Transfer of personal data outside Singapore

We do not transfer your personal data to countries outside of Singapore. However, if we do so, we will obtain your consent for the transfer to be made and we will take steps to ensure that your personal data continues to receive a standard of protection that is at least comparable to that provided under the PDPA.

Notification of Breach

We will notify you when we become aware of a breach of any of our obligations according to PDPA.

Your Rights

  1. Right to review - If the information you have provided is inaccurate, deficient or changed, you have the right to review and revise it us subject to such revision being true, accurate and complete.
  2. Right to revoke consent - You have the right to revoke consent to processing of your information at any time by writing to us at Please note however that we may be precluded from providing our Services when you do so.