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Collect Global & Local Payments Seamlessly

Accept payments via 12+ currencies and payment methods

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Quick & Seamless Payment Collection


Reduce Transaction Costs

Save on transactions via payment gateways or PSPs.


Elevate Customer Journey

Elevate customer experience with one-click payments.


Increase Success Rates

Reduce payment failures and secure success rates of 98%.


Flexible Settlements

Get funds settled to partner’s account instantly, without waiting T+2 days.


Lower Operational Costs

Cut your expenditure towards heavy integrations and relationships.


Quicker Go-live

Integrate our stack and go live within a matter of days.

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Instant Fund Transfer

Get immediate settlement for your customers' incoming & outgoing payments

Tracking Payments

Sort payments based on VA, banks, transaction ID, etc., and map the flow

Real-time Updates

Get instant payment-related reports, insights, and notifications on your dashboard in real-time

Expand to new markets

Enable cross-border payments for your business with Decentro across 12+ countries and currencies

Custom Virtual Accounts

Create custom Virtual Accounts for all your customers


Reduce variable costs spent during follow-ups, invoicing, operations, etc

Auto Reconciliation

Eliminate manual reconciliations of debits seamlessly via our Virtual Accounts

Powerful list of

Simplify the complexity with multi-currency management and flexible cross-border payment options

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Use Cases


Cross-Border Payments

Use specialized software to overcome international payment challenges, enabling global commerce.



Facilitate secure and efficient transactions between buyers and sellers, enhancing user trust.


Financial Institutions

Offer clients seamless payment experiences, improving overall banking services.


Consumer Platforms

Simplify payment flows, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for end consumers.


Offline Payment Processors

Embrace digital tools to transition traditional cash-based transactions into efficient, trackable processes.


Payment Aggregators

Aggregate various payment methods into a single interface, simplifying financial management for businesses.

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Ready to save time and launch 10X faster?

Let us help you! It’s as simple as it should be.