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Learn in-depth about how various payment APIs can empower your business along with quick info-nuggets on how these function.

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Fast & Secure Transactions, generally known as FAST is a mode to instantly transfer funds between participating banks in Singapore securely. This electronic funds transfer service makes it easy and convenient for customers to manage their finances in one place.



PayNow is a peer-to-peer fund transfer service that enables all users of the participating banks and NFIs to settle funds via their bank accounts or e-wallets to another via Virtual Payment Address, mobile number, or Singapore NRIC/FIN instantly.

Why Decentro?

Setup Fees
High (2K - 10K USD)

Completely FREE

3-4 Months

~ 2 Weeks

Settlement Times
Atleast T-1 to T+2

Real-time Settlements

Service Provider
High reliance on single service provider and bank

Backend powered by multiple banks with switchability

Customer Service
Turnaround time of 1-2 working days atleast

Turnaround within 1-2 hours

Scalability & Flexibility
Difficult to scale due to a rigid underlying structure

Customizable APIs and seamless scalability


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