11 Best & Upcoming Shipping And Logistics Software In 2023

The rise of logistics services has eased the burden on businesses struggling with shipping, warehousing, and supply-chain challenges. Let’s explore each of the top shipping management software or services and examine them in more detail, including the core features that set them apart.

The success of a business relies on sales and ROI. For an e-commerce business, it is essential to meet these metrics through high-quality products and an intuitive online shopping experience. When it comes to online shopping, on-time delivery is crucial. In this regard, logistics software plays an important role.
Shipping Software or services streamlines the process of shipping and fulfillment for e-commerce businesses. They provide you with tools that can help you handle orders quickly and easily without having to spend excessive amounts of time, energy, and money on logistics.

Using the right shipping management software, you can automate the process of choosing the right courier partner for shipping, thereby allowing you to accomplish more important tasks. Since logistics firms deal with shipping, warehousing, stock management, and order fulfillment, logistics businesses play a significant role in your business growth.

A freight management service usually offers software or an application that can be integrated with any e-commerce platform and usually facilitates a hassle-free shipping process. With one easy-to-use central hub, your business can take advantage of many beneficial management tools.

However, with so many shipping & logistics services available in India, you may find it overwhelming to choose the right company for your business. In light of this, we have evaluated the best shipping and logistics platforms in India that meet almost every business need and objective.

An Overview of the Top Shipping & Logistics Apps

Top Shipping & Logistics SoftwareCategoryConsensus
1PayLogi-FintechUsing FASTag, they offer an RFID-based payment solution
GlasswingOnline Freight MarketplaceOffers on-demand truck access
BlackBuckOnline Freight MarketplaceHassle-free end-to-end freight management
PorterOnline Fleet Marketplace & LogisticsOptimization of last-mile delivery operations
GoSwiftFreight BrokerSmart selection algorithm that intelligently selects a courier partner
ShipRocketFreight BrokerSimplified and improved shipping and returns management
RivigoFreight Management / Freight MarketplaceAutomatic shipment planning and ensuring that shipments are delivered on time
EdgistifySupply Chain Management & WarehousingOffering tech-enabled dark store network and warehousing network
GreyOrangeCloud and AI-based Warehouse AutomationOffering AI-driven cloud software with smart robotic automation
ShadowfaxSupply Chain Management & Delivery ServiceCrowdsourced delivery platform active in over 75 Indian cities
FarEyeSupply Chain Management / Delivery ManagementMinimized last-mile costs and streamlined end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment

Evaluation of the Best Shipping & Logistics Apps 

Here, we will analyze each of the top shipping and logistics firms in detail. We have done the research for you. As we dig into the details of each platform, we’ll look at what they do best and what makes them unique. Following that, we outline the benefits of each of these services so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

The purpose of this list is not to rank the platforms – instead, we aim to create an ever-updating repository of them! Let’s begin!


1Pay, as a logi-fintech platform, integrates transportation, logistics, and banking. Using FASTag, 1Pay offers an RFID-based payment solution. Their fleet-management solution streamlines the process of managing and paying expenses and it integrates seamlessly with your ERP through API.

Category: Logi-Fintech

  • Contactless over-the-road payments. (Tolls, Parking, Fuel, Challans)
  • Fleet management technology simplifies the way businesses manage over-the-road expenses
  • Software and API infrastructure for managing businesses online


  • Works with FASTag
  • Easy wallet top-up
  • Supports businesses of all sizes in sending payouts, collecting payments, and securing cash flow


Glasswing is a technology-driven online freight marketplace. They offer a quick and easy way to book freight via their website. They provide trucks based on type, size, service, and transit time. Their tracking feature allows you to track your freight with a single tap.

Category: Online Freight Marketplace

  • On-demand truck access, timely delivery, and seamless process
  • Providing fleet partners with business growth opportunities
  • No brokers and no back-and-forth negotiations


  • Seamless tracking from the loading point to the destination
  • Truck tracking, fast payments, and 24×7 support for fleet partners
  • Safe, secure, and on-time shipping


BlackBuck is an AI-driven marketplace for freight transportation. By keeping technology at the core of its logistics model, Blackbuck ensures a more reliable and efficient supply chain. With just a click, they empower millions of truckers to book a load at capacity, enabling shippers of all sizes to find the right truck at the right time and price.

Category: Online Freight Marketplace


  • One platform to manage all your shipments
  • Tracking shipments at every mile without making multiple phone calls
  • Based on the source, destination, and shipment material, a machine-learning algorithm can match you with the most appropriate fleet operator


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Pan-India service
  • Hassle-free end-to-end freight management
  • Track your shipment in real time with advanced truck monitoring systems


Porter provides end-to-end logistics solutions that enable businesses to optimize their last-mile delivery operations. Their app-based platform provides trucking services with your choice of vehicle and real-time tracking. Porter also offers small and medium enterprises on-demand logistic solutions by providing mini trucks, tempos, and bikes on-demand for bulk delivery, business parcel delivery, and bulk courier services.

Category: Online Fleet Marketplace & Logistics


  • Pickup and drop anywhere within the city
  • Wide range of vehicles capable of carrying 20 kilograms to 2000 kilograms of weight
  • Real-time tracking
  • For enterprises, porter can handle your bulk booking challenges and peak business requirements with its huge fleet of vehicles
  • Operating in 16 cities with 300,000 delivery partners


  1. Hassle-free truck rental
  2. Affordable pricing & a wide range of vehicles
  3. Intercity or interstate service
  4. Provides loading/unloading services


GoSwift provides shipping solutions for drop-shippers, D2C brands, and e-commerce marketplaces, covering more than 29000 pin codes. With AI-powered algorithms, GoSwift’s smart selection algorithm intelligently selects a courier partner for every shipment. GoSwift helps clients reduce returns, improve conversion rates, and improve the shipping experience.

Category: Freight Broker


  • Integrated OMS eliminates the need for manual order management, reduces processing times, and enables a seamless omnichannel experience
  • NDR management allows you to handle undelivered orders in bulk and in real-time, saving you valuable time and effort
  • Detects incomplete addresses through a proprietary real-time address validation system


  • COD fraud detection model to eliminate fraudulent orders
  • Smart courier selection
  • 24×7 account management
  • Branded tracking page
  • You can send your customers shipment updates via WhatsApp, SMS, or mail


ShipRocket offers shipping and logistics services for enterprises of any size, regardless of whether they are social sellers, marketplace sellers, or high-volume shippers. This platform recommends courier services to businesses through the use of machine-learning-based data engines and manages label printing. With the single panel, enterprises can take care of everything, simplifying and improving shipping and returns management.

Category: Freight Broker


  • Multi-functional dashboard for managing forward orders, returns, inventory sync, and reconciliations
  • Multiple pick-up locations for forward and return orders
  • Courier Recommendation Engine (CORE) makes it easy for you to find the right courier based on their ratings, pricing, and performance
  • API Integration


  • Multiple payment options for your buyer
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Multiple shipping partners and global shipping options


As a technology-enabled logistics platform provider, Rivigo operates across multiple industries, including e-commerce, apparel, frozen and processed foods, and automobiles. With relay-led trucking and freight marketplaces, they offer a full-stack logistics solution. The relay network specializes in express logistics, including full truckloads, part trucks, and cold chain logistics.

With Rivigo Freight, clients can post or add full truckload requests and receive quotes in a single click. Through the digitalization of the freight ecosystem, shippers and fleet operators can optimize their fleets and maximize their outputs.

Category: Freight Management / Freight Marketplace


  • 400+ partners to handle first and last-mile operations
  • Zero-defect operations
  • Real-time tracking
  • Auto-planned movement of shipments to ensure delivery as promised


  • Coverage of 19,000+ pin codes
  • ERP integration
  • A dedicated team of account managers


Edgistify enables you to serve your customers faster with the biggest tech-enabled dark store network and warehousing network. They promise hyperlocal fulfillment with a turnaround time of 10 minutes to 2 hours across all major cities, as well as effortless fulfillment of e-commerce orders with next-day delivery.

Category: Supply Chain Management & Warehousing


  • Extensive warehousing solution for short-term and long-term storage with dedicated and shared services available
  • Courier aggregator with a network of 50+ courier shipping providers
  • Omnichannel inventory management


  • Live-tracking
  • Accelerated delivery speed
  • 99% Delivery TAT accuracy


GreyOrange uses artificial intelligence-driven cloud software and smart robotics to overcome existing warehouse deficiencies. Its always-solving fulfillment operating system and GreyMatter software enable employees and robots to fulfill the right orders at the right time based on real-time data about orders, promises, inventory, shipping windows, and resources.

Category: Cloud and AI-based Warehouse Automation


  • AI-driven cloud software with smart robotic automation
  • It contemplates a collaborative effort between humans and robots


  • Resolves warehouse technology deficiencies
  • GreyMatter software instantly analyzes order data and determines the best course of action


Shadowfax is a tech-enabled logistics network that provides one-stop delivery services. In addition to food delivery, Shadowfax facilitates e-commerce and pharmacy services for businesses. They offer a one-stop solution for your last-mile delivery. Shadowfax is a crowdsourced delivery platform with over 7000 delivery personnel active in over 75 Indian cities.

Category: Supply Chain Management & Delivery Service


  • Tech-enabled intercity e-commerce delivery with live tracking
  • Door-step payments for your customers
  • API integration


  • Low-cost hyperlocal delivery with up to 30-minute turnaround time
  • Express and slotted deliveries
  • End-to-end fulfillment


FarEye’s Intelligent Delivery Management Platform is designed to improve delivery experiences for everyone. They offer AI & SaaS-enabled low-code delivery solutions for shippers and carriers, providing a full view of the supply chain, tracking, optimal route selection, delivery time predictions, and much more.

Category: Supply Chain Management / Delivery Management


  • Minimizes last-mile costs while streamlining end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment
  • An intuitive consumer experience that provides seamless order tracking and fulfillment
  • An ecosystem of delivery service providers and pre-built order management system integrations give your customers more delivery flexibility


  • Enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Simplifies the complex aspects of logistics
  • Provides services to multiple industries, including e-commerce and grocery

Parting Thoughts

As a consumer, even though there are many shipping and logistics software and services available in India, the most important thing is to choose one that suits your specific needs. But as a business operating in this space, now is the right time to launch your solution in the market. 

We at Decentro pride ourselves in enabling such shipping and logistics solutions via our financial APIs, loading them with user-friendly features before they go live. In fact, some of the platforms mentioned above like 1Pay, Glasswing, and GoSwift have been powered by Decentro to help them simplify their financing journey through our product suite.

What’s more?

  • Verify & Onboard Customers & Merchants in real time via KYC and CKYC.
  • Simplify payments via bank transfers, QR payments, UPI transfers, and more!
  • Reconcile all transactions & payments in real-time, fully automated, via virtual accounts

Wish to get your shipping and logistics software platform listed here? Drop us a mail at hello@decentro.tech

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