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  • 10 Best Used Car Websites in India in 2024

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    Thinking of buying a used car? Find out the best-used car websites in 2024, their features, pros & cons, and get the best possible deal for yourself.

    10 Best Used Cars Websites

    A Quick Glance

    Platform NameValue Proposition
    CarTradeGet personalised car quotes directly from used car dealers.
    CarDekhoAvail offers on used cars from both dealers and private sellers.  
    CarWaleIndia’s biggest and most trusted used car website.
    DroomChoose from 50,000+ used vehicles and get them delivered to your doorstep.
    SpinnyCheck out both the exterior and interior with Spinny 360 before pulling the trigger.
    Cars24Avail zero downpayment benefits while buying your vehicle.
    QuikrCarsConnect directly with the seller and finalise the deal on your dream car.
    OLX Autos Sale CarIndia’s leading used car classifieds platform.
    Vroom-wheelMultiple search filters to help you find the perfect car.
    CarandbikeReserve your car for 48 hours without any charges while making your final decision.  

    For most people, buying a car is a huge financial decision. It requires a substantial amount of capital, along with depreciation, maintenance costs, insurance, and other associated expenses.

    In this regard, buying a used car can come with many benefits!

    In the case of brand-new cars, their values tend to depreciate by around 20% annually in the first few years. Thus, within two to three years, they will lose around 50% of their value. However, when you purchase a second-hand vehicle, it has already lost most of its depreciation value. Thus, it is available conveniently and will likely retain much value in the upcoming years.

    When you buy a new car, apart from the vehicle’s price, it involves expenses like registration fees, road taxes, and other RTO fees. It can significantly hike up the on-road price. However, when you buy a used car, such expenses do not come into play. The first owner has already paid them; you must pay for the vehicle. Additionally, as used cars come at a lower price, you can choose a premium model with the same budget.

    But there is a catch.

    Buying the right car is crucial for you to avail all these benefits. You must know the best-used car websites to find a vehicle worth your hard-earned money.    

    10 Best Used Car Websites in India (in 2024)


    CarTrade Website snapshot

    CarTrade is a website where you can directly connect with certified used car dealers and get a personalised quote. You can also view what other individuals in that area paid for similar cars and avail of transparent pricing and guaranteed savings on your purchase. Additionally, you get a 15-day exchange policy and a free CARFAX report for every car.

    Over the years, CarTrade has acquired four companies in various sectors, including Consumer Digital in India, B2C E-Commerce, Second Hand Goods, and more. The company has invested over $105 million in these M&A activities.


    • You can explore used cars from multiple Indian and international brands, such as Maruti Suzuki, Jeep, Mahindra, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc. It ensures you have many options while finding your dream car.
    • The wide price range lets you find a car that meets your budget. You will find medium to low-budget options alongside choices for various financial preferences.
    • CarTrade ensures 167 certified quality checks for optimum vehicle performance. 


    • The services are only accessible in metropolises and big cities. Hence, access to these services may be limited if you reside in smaller cities or towns.


    CarDekho Website snapshot

    CarDekho is a platform where you can search for second-hand cars using filters like colour, price, mileage, body style, location, etc. You can also browse a vast collection of vehicles from private sellers and certified dealers. Furthermore, you get videos, images, reports, and ratings for each vehicle, as well as news, tips, and advice for your car purchase.

    Apart from this, CarDekho offers a wide range of used electric vehicles. They are available across multiple body types, like sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.   

    In 2008, CarDekho acquired nine companies in areas like Consumer Digital in India, Auto Retail and Aftersales, B2C E-Commerce, and more. They spent over $11 million on these acquisitions.


    • You can access a vast inventory of top-notch brands like Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, MG, Jeep, Land Rover, etc. With such a wide array of options, choosing the best one becomes an exciting and personalised process.
    • Cars are available across multiple fuel types like petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, and electric, offering greater convenience.


    • The selection primarily consists of high-budget cars with limited low-budget options. Hence, the available range may be less extensive if you want more budget-friendly choices.


    CarWale Website snapshot

    CarTrade owns CarWale, one of India’s best used car websites, with a presence in more than 200 locations. It offers many car types, ranging from SUVs to sedans. Moreover, if you are looking for EVs and hybrid vehicles, this platform offers them too.

    Numerous options span multiple brands like Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, and BMW. You can browse their car inventory online or visit their offline stores for a test drive before buying your vehicle. Additionally, CarWale provides a 90-day limited warranty and a 7-day money-back guarantee for each car.


    • User-friendly navigation helps you to access the filters and refine your search effortlessly. You can browse cars based on budget, body type, seating capacity, transmission, and fuel type. 
    • Every car listing has comprehensive information about its make, model, year of manufacture, mileage, condition, price, location, and more. This feature enables you to make an informed decision.
    • There is a tool to compare similarly priced models and choose the best one that caters to your needs.


    • You’ll find fewer choices in lower budget ranges, which can limit your options for more affordable alternatives.


    Droom Website snapshot

    Droom is a website where you can buy and sell second-hand cars through various options like “Best Offer,” “Auction,” and “Fixed Price.” It has an inventory of 50,000+ vehicles, and you can get your vehicle delivered to your doorstep or pick it up from one of its hubs. Moreover, Droom offers a 10-day return policy for each vehicle and a 6-month warranty.

    Additionally, Droom offers various electric and hybrid vehicles, providing additional options over conventional petrol, diesel, and CNG.  

    According to reports, this Gurgaon-based automobile platform is actively looking for five to six acquisitions over the next three years to achieve an internal goal of reaching $18 billion. However, details of the present acquisitions remain undisclosed.


    • Droom has a wide range of used Electric Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Vehicles (HV). These options offer a sustainable and energy-efficient choice for eco-conscious buyers.
    • The company boasts a dedicated customer support team. It ensures a seamless and reliable experience throughout your car selection and purchase journey.


    • Droom is present in only a few major cities around India. It reduces the accessibility to buyers living in smaller cities and suburbs.


    Spinny Website snapshot

    Spinny offers purchases and sales of a wide range of certified and inspected used cars, which you can check out online. You can personalise your search using filters like body type, price range, etc., and even get a detailed look at the car using Spinny360. You can also opt for a test drive at a Spinny hub or home.

    In 2016, the New Delhi-based online used car marketplace Hopcar announced its merger with Gurgaon-based Spinny. Following the merger, the two companies operate under the joint brand, Spinny.

    Additionally, in 2023, Spinny recorded 40% growth in its used car sales. 


    • Spinny conducts a 200-point inspection to ensure that you get nothing but the best when it comes to the quality of its used cars.
    • The company offers a 1-year warranty and a 5-day money-back guarantee for each vehicle. You can return your vehicle within 5 days if it does not meet your expectations.
    • The Spinny Assured and Spinny Budget are two segments that ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of its range of used cars. You can rely on these segments while making a decision.


    • However, the brand has limited options among used cars compared to other platforms.


    Cars24 Website snapshot

    Cars24 is another leading Indian used car website with numerous vehicles across every make, year, and model. Its in-house team refurbishes and services vehicles before selling them, ensuring top-notch quality and customer value. For each used car, you get free home delivery, a 6-month warranty, and a 7-day return policy.

    Furthermore, you get the benefits of quick financing, zero downpayment, and flexible EMIs at convenient interest rates. In the first quarter of 2023, Cars24 had a 100% increase in its sales compared to the same period in 2022.  


    • In car resale, ownership transfer is vital for replacing the previous owner’s name with the new owner. Cars24 offers free-of-cost ownership transfer.
    • Cars are available across multiple fuel types like petrol, diesel, and CNG. You can choose the one that suits your budget and needs.
    • The company has a prominent presence in 205 branches spread across 182 cities in India. Its extensive network ensures your high chances of accessibility and convenience.
    • Cars24 has earned the trust and satisfaction of more than 6 lakh happy customers. Customer satisfaction highlights the reliability and quality of its services.


    • There are few choices when it comes to buying in the luxury segment.


    QuickrCars Website snapshot

    QuikrCars is an online classifieds platform where car owners can post free ads for selling their vehicles. You can find numerous options for both personal and commercial vehicles on this website and contact the seller to finalise the deal.

    It also provides a car inspection report, which provides detailed information on the vehicle’s performance, dimensions, design, insurance, etc.


    • Easy financing options, test drives, and RTO service create a positive customer experience.
    • QuickrCars is known for its customer support team, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.
    • The company offers easy payment options such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, online payment gateways, and financing options. If you become an authorised buyer, you will get free home delivery of your car.


    • However, QuickrCars has a limited inventory of used cars compared to other websites.   

    OLX Autos Sale Car 

    OLX Auto car Sales Website snapshot

    OLX Autos Sale Car is India’s leading dedicated second-hand vehicle classifieds platform. Buyers can browse numerous options before making their choice and chat directly with sellers to finalise the deal.


    • OLX focuses on customer safety by ensuring Identity and address verification of sellers. This commitment helps you feel more secure and confident in your transactions on the platform.
    • The process of car ownership conducted by OLX is the most hassle-free. Hence, convenience is ensured when purchasing a used car from this platform.


    • The platform has no payment options, so it typically lets buyers and sellers arrange payment details individually. This process can lead to a potentially less secure transaction experience.


    Vroom Wheel website snapshot

    Vroom-wheel is an Indian used car website that enables you to search for vehicles using filters like make, year, model, price, fuel type, km driven, and owner. You can also search brand-wise to find the car of your choice.


    • The platform is present in all major Indian cities. This wide network ensures you can access it from different parts of the country at your convenience.
    • The platform offers major deals on car brands like Bentley, Audi, Datsun, Jeep, Kia, Honda, etc. You can explore these budget-friendly deals and choose your dream car.


    • The platform provides no dedicated payment option, requiring buyers to arrange transactions independently.



    Carandbike is a platform to get used cars and bikes across multiple brands. You can filter your search based on budget and category and view all a vehicle’s features, specifications, and ratings. You can also reserve your selected car without any charges for 48 hours and avail yourself of a free test ride before making your final decision.


    • You get an assured buyback guarantee on your used car purchase. Hence, you can take advantage of the predetermined value of your car in the future.
    • The platform gives 200+ inspection points to ensure high-quality standards.
    • You can avail of the 7-day easy return policy of the platform if your car doesn’t meet your expectations.


    • The services are present only in limited areas, which can be a constraint for those outside the covered regions.

    The Potential of the Used Car Market Worldwide and in India

    As per a market study by the IMARC Group, the global used car market is expected to reach $1,511 billion by 2028 at a 9.1% CAGR. The increasing demand for personal vehicles after the pandemic is a major contributing factor.

    Moreover, the high price of brand-new cars, limited financing options, and the increasing affordability and availability of used cars are also major drivers.

    The Potential of the Used Car Market Worldwide and in India

    By 2029, India’s used car market is set to reach $63.87 billion, expanding at a 15.10% CAGR. Due to the government’s new BS-VI emission standards, the prices of brand-new cars have risen. Also, reduced cash inflow due to the pandemic has resulted in consumers looking for cheaper individual mobility options in the form of second-hand vehicles.

    Furthermore, leading used car platforms provide a growing range of value-added products and services like inspection, warranty, maintenance, certification, financing, test drives, etc. This has made it easier for consumers to purchase second-hand cars at convenient prices without worrying about the qualitative aspects.

    Simplify Your Payment Collection with Decentro

    Given the current market trends, a used car platform can be a very profitable venture in the upcoming years. However, to be counted among the best-used car websites, your business primarily needs the following things:

    A Dedicated Payment Solution to Facilitate Hassle-free Payment Options for Customers

    Decentro virtual account API

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    Our multi-collect APIs enable you to create custom virtual accounts for all your customers and accept payments via multiple methods like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and even UPI!

    You can also automate recurring payments with a single click via e-NACH and UPI Autopay and get real-time transaction updates on your dashboard. Furthermore, our KYC Verification APIs allow you to automatically verify customers’ official documents, making buyer/seller onboarding a breeze.

    An Advanced KYC Stack to Prevent Fraudulent Activities During Auto Lending

    Decentro KYC API

    An advanced KYC verification stack is essential to tackle identity theft and prevent fraudulent activities in the auto lending process. It will help you strengthen your platform’s security while ensuring trust within your customers.

    This is where Decentro steps in! Decentro’s suite of KYC offerings is a pre-configured library that can help verify your customers digitally by integrating real-time KYC APIs. The process will take the minimum possible amount of customer data and complete eKYC verification at blazing speeds.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should you check before buying a used car?

    Before buying a used car, you should check its maintenance records, insurance papers, vehicle performance, age, and the authenticity of its registration certificate.

    What is the best mileage to buy a used car?

    To find the best mileage for a used car, multiply its age by 10,000. Thus, if it’s a 4-year-old car, its odometer should display approximately 40,000 miles or less.

    What should be an ideal used car age?

    Ideally, you should buy a used car between 2 and 5 years old. However, checking other factors like its performance, kilometers driven, insurance papers, etc. is crucial.