Here’s Aastha’s account of her My Pre-MBA Internship journey at Decentro. She explains how she landed the opportunity & her experience as an intern!

Why I Joined A Fintech Startup For My Pre-MBA Internship

Here’s why I chose a fintech startup for Pre-MBA Internship and my journey with Decentro so far!

When I had applied to the MBA program at Indian School Business, my goal was to pivot to an industry and role that would be better suited to my skill set. After two years of working in the Risk Advisory practice of a global consulting firm, it was time for embracing a new challenge. 

Why Pre-MBA Internship?

Given, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to pack an internship during a one-year program, a pre-MBA internship fit the bill perfectly. It would allow me to be an insider to the coveted start-up ecosystem and the Fintech industry, both of which I had been following closely from the outside. 

Most importantly, it would help me answer one question; whether I am a good fit and if I’d enjoy similar roles in the future.

Coming Across The Opportunity

During my search on professional platforms and ISB networks, I came across a multitude of opportunities. However, Decentro stood out to me for various reasons.

At the outset, their product suite was intriguing. From banking accounts, automated KYC verification & onboarding, lending module, digital payments, to co-branded cards & wallets; Decentro is a full-stack banking API platform for financial integrations.

Most strikingly, they solve a long-standing infrastructural problem by coming in as a layer between banks and businesses. Consequently, this banking API platform reduces the integration timelines by 10X, all at a fraction of the cost. In essence, they are a Banking as a Service (BaaS) Platform for South Asia and are active enablers of rising fintech waves such as UPI Payments & Embedded Banking.

As exciting as the work would be at Decentro, coming from a non-engineering background, it seemed intimidating at first. However, a conversation with Pratik, our Co-founder & an ex-VC, was enough to alleviate all my apprehensions. After a quick interview process, I joined Decentro as the first intern on the business side. 

Pratik helped me get up to speed in the week leading up to my joining. In fact, he even went beyond his mandate by helping me navigate the tricky housing situation as I moved to Bengaluru.

The Internship Journey 

My 16-week long internship kicked off with a goal-setting meeting with Rohit, Founder & CEO at Decentro. As I look back now from week 11, it has been a steep learning curve. 

On the business side, I’m a part of business development- strategy, B2B selling, building collateral, and everything in between. And all of which have been outside the realm of my previous experience. While it has been challenging to transition from a structured big corporate to an ambiguous start-up environment, it has helped me grow. 

One of the most gratifying aspects of working with an early-stage start-up like Decentro has been the chance to see the impact of my contributions almost immediately. The highlight of my internship has been the opportunity to pitch to the C-Level on critical strategic decisions.  

It has been terrific working with passionate, fun, and hardworking colleagues who have always been willing to support me and lending a helping hand. The camaraderie both in and out of the office has been refreshing. I am confident that the strong connections and mentorships I have forged here will stand the test of time.

I am learning a lot about Fintech and the daily operations of a start-up, which has helped refine my long-term vision of being an entrepreneur. As my internship progresses, I look forward to building further and seeing how else my start-up experience shapes-up.      

To learning much more, tackling challenges, and growing personally & professionally. 

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