Launching India’s First-ever Fintech Fellowship program for developers.

Launching India’s First-ever Fintech Fellowship Program

Decentro has launched India’s first-ever Fintech Fellowship Program for fresg graduates and final-year college students.

Scared of the regulations? Frustrated with missing API documentation? Don’t know whether you need to work with a bank or not?

Welcome to what most of the companies who wish to incorporate financial services into their platform face. 

Integrating with a legacy financial institution is no cakewalk. Any company that has to go through the integration cycle has to deal with broken APIs and half-baked documentations. The temple runs for approvals and compliances don’t make it any easier.

But. Times are changing for the better. 

Most of the advancement that we see today in the fintech industry has come from two thoughts. One, a simple pain point or a blind spot that’s been staring in the face yet escaped scrutiny. Two, a dynamic idea that resolves it effectively.

Being one of the fastest-growing ecosystems, fintech requires all hands on deck to identify, brainstorm, innovate, and repeat. 

In that very pursuit, we’ve been working on something exciting here at Decentro. With drumrolls, unfurling…

India’s first-ever Fintech Fellowship program for young & aspiring developers! 

What’s Fintech Fellowship Program?

We’re on the lookout for developers- young college graduates or final-year students who’d like to set foot in the fintech industry and leave their print behind it- a sturdy one at that. 

The fellowship program spans from May 15th-July 31st, over 2.5 months, and provides young engineers the golden chance to dabble with cutting-edge fintech and banking APIs to solve real-world problems. Applications are open till May 1st. The three selected fellows can either work on their own or form a 3-member team 

We encourage all aspirants to approach this fellowship with their most ambitious ideas, for they could be pathbreaking. 

As a fellow, you can take up an existing product that needs a lot of polish & add our magic to do more good, or work on your own idea full-time. 

Our API documentation is open to all along with materials on Decentro’s product suite comprising of KYC, Lending, AML & Compliance, and Accounts. You can make use of these to ponder on the best ways to implement and execute your solutions. 

Why Fintech Fellowship Program?

India, alongside China, accounted for the highest fintech adoption rate of 87% in 2020, while the average adoption rate globally stood at 64%, according to reports by Research & Markets

There’s immense scope and yet a lot left to accomplish. While our country is making waves globally for many financial models, such as UPI, it still demands speed & innovation. This fellowship program is Decentro’s ambitious efforts to identify pain points and resolve them with young minds who wish to be a part of one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. 

The fellows receive a monthly grant of ₹50,000 per individual/team. Besides, you get exclusive mentorship from the Decentro team, who has a combined experience of over two decades and speaks of some of the industry’s established names.

When you graduate from the program, you’ll have built something remarkable to strengthen your developer profile. The rich industry experience you leave with will further help to fuel the rest of your career trajectories.

Here is a word from our Founder & CEO, Rohit Taneja, on initiating this fellowship program before wrapping up. 

India is known for its technological skills, and with the focus on coding and associated language programs, there are many young and budding developers waiting for their chance to transform the sector with their unique ideas. With the readiness of the banking sector to offer API solutions, this fellowship will be a stepping-stone for the developers to catapult their ideas and make it a successful reality.

How is the Selection Done for the Fellowship?

The selection process is based on the application submitted and the profile of the applicant. 

  • Go through Decentro’s API documentation and familiarize yourself with the modules
  • Identify a pain point existing at large in the fintech space
  • Document the audience who is affected by this problem
  • Detail your thought process on solving this. Feel free to add visually supporting elements to pitch stronger. 
  • Tell us why you wish to be a part of this fellowship program 

Do you have what it takes to drive the next innovative solution in fintech? Apply for the program here. Or, do you know an aspiring developer who could make it big with this program? Help us spread the word! 

Oh, while you are at it, keep a close eye on our social handles, LinkedIn & Twitter especially, to receive the latest updates about the program. 

Until we see you next time,