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Phone Number Intelligence

Find, verify, and fetch multiple data points associated with a mobile number, including the Full Name, UPI ID, IFSC code, and more.

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Phone Number Intelligence

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • The Need for Phone Number Intelligence API Suite
  • Key Features Of Phone Number Intelligence API Suite
  • Where You Can Use It
  • How Can Decentro Help?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Fetch data associated with a mobile number with three different types of APIs.

Mobile to Name

Mobile to Name

A simple and reliable API that can identify and authenticate the user’s full name directly from the bank records.

Mobile to VPA [Basic]

Mobile to
VPA API [Basic]

With this enhanced API, retrieve the user’s full name and a valid UPI VPA associated with the mobile number.

Mobile to VPA [Advanced]

Mobile to
VPA API [Advanced]

A powerful API that fetches the full name, authenticates UPI VPA, retrieves IFSC code and the account type.

The Need For Phone Number Intelligence API Suite

The primary purpose of a business deploying a Phone Number Intelligence-related API in their workflows is to ensure that:

The associated UPI VPA exists.

To validate the account holder’s name directly from banking records.

To validate if the bank account is active, i.e., the account is not frozen/closed and accepts credits.

Key Features Of Phone Number Intelligence API Suite

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Transaction Frauds

With secure and transparent access to data, the risk of funds being transferred to fraudulent accounts is eliminated.

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Instant User
Background Checks

Validate merchant/customer authenticity via multiple credentials, such as full name, UPI handle, IFSC code, and account type.

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Data Accuracy

Verify information via multiple data points directly with these APIs to ensure accuracy and eliminate the risk of human error.

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User Onboarding

Verify information without exposing data to a third party, eliminating onboarding delays of new vendors/merchants/clients.

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Easy-to-integrate APIs for your existing workflows, tailored to your verification and validation needs.

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UPI coverage

Access UPI IDs across various banks to ensure users from different financial institutions can complete the verification process.

Where You Can Use It

Retail Banking

Retail Banking

Phone Number Intelligence APIs are predominantly used to authenticate account details during the onboarding process of new customers or while adding a new payee.



E-commerce platforms leverage Phone Number Intelligence APIs to validate the bank details of sellers and buyers.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Phone Number Intelligence APIs are crucial in P2P platforms where users must verify their account details to send or receive money.

Lending and Credit

Lending and Credit

Financial Institutions can use data retrieved from Phone Number Intelligence APIs to verify loan applicants’ details, aiding in assessing their creditworthiness and reducing the risk of default.

Background Verification

Background Verification

Businesses can use Phone Number Intelligence APIs to run comprehensive background checks on users and adhere to regulatory compliance by accurately verifying their customers’ account details.

Phone Number Intelligence API Suite for Your Business

How Can Decentro Help?

Multiple APIs for instantly validating a user’s bank account via mobile number.

Inbuilt approval flow and beneficiary name verification.

Flexible API-based flow that can be embedded easily in your existing workflows.

Verify accounts on the fly while maintaining the accuracy and speed of onboarding and transactions.

Leverage multi-bank architecture in the backend so that unexpected downtimes, black swan events, or even volume spikes will not impact your business.

For Developers

API Documentation

Robust and efficient APIs to prevent fraud before it strikes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the UPI ID from the mobile number feature work?

The UPI ID from mobile number flow lets you quickly and securely validate users' details during onboarding by fetching their UPI ID and account holder name directly from their phone number.

What are the benefits of using UPI ID from the mobile number feature?

The UPI ID from mobile number feature offers instant authentication by checking the primary UPI ID linked with the user's phone number. This ensures a seamless onboarding experience, a high success rate, and the ability to cross-check the user's name at their respective bank for added verification accuracy.

Can I trust the accuracy of the retrieved UPI ID and account holder name?

Our system has been designed to fetch accurate information directly from the user's bank, providing reliable and validated details. You can also use the Advanced version of Mobile to VPA to authenticate the information with multiple data points such as IFSC codes and account type.

Can I verify the user's name with their bank before proceeding with payouts?

Yes. The APIs allows you to cross-check the user's name with their bank, ensuring that payouts are only processed to intended and verified recipients.

How secure is the user's phone number and banking information during the process?

We prioritise user security. All information is securely retrieved and encrypted, adhering to industry-leading data protection standards.