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Mobile to VPA APIs

Fetch and verify the UPI VPA, account holder’s name and bank account details using just a mobile number.

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Mobile to VPA APIs

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Types of Mobile to VPA APIs
  • The need for Mobile to VPA APIs
  • Key Features of Mobile to VPA APIs
  • Where you can use it
  • How can Decentro help
  • Frequently Asked Questions


All the variants of Mobile to VPA APIs can be integrated in three steps

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Step 1

Get access keys for the API from Decentro.

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Step 2

Integrate the API into your application or platform.

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Step 3

Access data points such as VPA handle, account type and more.

Mobile to VPA - Types

Mobile to VPA APIs <br />[Basic]

Mobile to VPA APIs

  • Full Name
  • Valid UPI Virtual Payment Address
Mobile to VPA APIs <br />[Advanced]

Mobile to VPA APIs

  • Full Name
  • Valid UPI Virtual Payment Address
  • IFSC Code
  • Type of Account
    [Savings or Current]

Automatic Salutation Removal

The Mobile VPA (Basic) and Mobile to VPA (Advanced) APIs now check for salutation removal, including Indian honorifics, so that downstream APIs such as PAN validation and credit report fetch have better success rates.

Businesses can deploy Mobile to VPA APIs in their workflows to

Verify the identity of the payee and ensuring that payments are directed to the correct recipient.

Process multiple transactions.

Verify several VPAs at once.

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key Features Of Mobile to VPA APIs

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Fraud Prevention

The Mobile to VPA APIs helps in preventing fraud by verifying the VPA and bank account, reducing the risk of funds being transferred to fraudulent accounts.

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Instant Authentication

The API provides real-time verification of UPI VPA and associated details, ensuring that transactions are authenticated instantly and accurately.

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Data Accuracy

Verify information via multiple data points directly with these APIs to ensure accuracy and eliminate the risk of human error.

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Bulk Retrieval

Retrieve a list of records in a single API call, allowing businesses to process multiple transactions or verifications simultaneously, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate with the API seamlessly with a simple and user-friendly interface.

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Dedicated Support Team

Access to a dedicated customer support team for assistance with integration, troubleshooting, and optimization of the API.

Where You Can Use It

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services

Banks can use the API to quickly verify customer identities by fetching their full name, UPI VPA, IFSC code, and account type. This streamlines the account opening process and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Loan Disbursement

Loan Disbursement

Financial institutions can verify detailed account information to ensure that loan funds are disbursed to the correct accounts, reducing the risk of errors and fraud.



For processing refunds, e-commerce companies can use the API to retrieve detailed account information, ensuring that refunds are accurately credited to the correct accounts, improving customer satisfaction.

Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery

Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery

Delivery personnel can verify the recipient’s full name and UPI VPA during cash-on-delivery payments to ensure that payments are correctly credited.



Insurance companies can verify the full name, UPI VPA, and account details of policyholders during the policy issuance and claims process, ensuring accurate and secure transactions.



Educational institutions can verify the identity of students making fee payments by fetching their full name and UPI VPA, ensuring that payments are correctly credited to student accounts.

Mobile to VPA APIs for Your Business

How Can Decentro Help?

Single API for instantly validating a user’s UPI VPA, their full name, and their bank account details..

Flexible API-based flow that can be embedded easily in your existing workflows.

Verify accounts on the fly while maintaining the accuracy and speed of onboarding and transactions.

Automated salutation removal check, including indian honorifics, so that all downstream APIs such as PAN Validation and Credit Report fetch have better success rates.

Multiple security measures to protect users’ financial data and ensure user privacy.

For Developers

API Documentation

Robust and efficient APIs to to ensure account verification on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mobile to VPA APIs?

The Mobile to VPA APIs by Decentro allows users to retrieve the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) ID associated with a given mobile number.

How can I start using the Mobile to VPA APIs?

To access the API, you will need to sign up with Decentro, obtain the API key for the Mobile to VPA APIs, and then use it to make API calls on your platform or application.

Is the Mobile to VPA APIs secure?

Decentro has placed multi-tiered security measures to protect users’ data and to ensure their privacy. You can go through our compliance page for an in-depth view on our safety and security measures.

How can the Mobile to VPA APIs help my business?

The Mobile to VPA APIs is particularly useful for businesses that need to efficiently identify and verify the recipient’s UPI ID and bank account details, and prevent fraudulent transactions.